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Helped My Clients Lose 30 Pounds
And Changed Their Lives For Good...

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In this FREE training I'll share:
  • The common problem many people unknowingly have that can sabotage their best efforts to trim down (what it is and what they can do about it)
  • How this 43 year-old “off the cuff decision” made by a government agency is still negatively affecting many people's weight loss goals (and how they can break the cycle and start to get the results they want) 
  • ​Why the way we're taught to eat could be disrupting our pursuit to maintain a healthy weight... and how we can change it
  • ​How my clients can swiftly tackle 3 common conditions affecting millions of everyday Americans and how they were able to reclaim their wellness
  • ​And much more...
About your host
Robert Floyd is a sought-after board-certified MD certified by the Institute For Functional Medicine, a writer, an athlete, and an entrepreneur.

Dr. Floyd specializes in helping busy, active clients trim down, obtain abundant energy, eliminate brain fog and achieve optimal health.  

His own transformation from fit to fat and back again helped him discover how to reverse the startling root causes of chronic disease and have helped him and his clients optimize their wellness.  All without sacrificing great food, spending hours in the gym, or engaging in yet more terrible-tasting fad diets. His own journey also proved to him that his conventional medical training was lacking an intgrative  approach to truly help his clients optimize their health.

Now he’s sharing his crucial, life-changing, protocols with clients so they can feel revitalized, energetic, and vibrant once again. With an added bonus of shedding some unwanted weight and feeling great.
Watch the webinar to learn how to obtain a lean healthy body, 
abundant energy, and improved mental clarity 
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